TA offers no leaning forks with meatballs and spaghetti, giant fur ice creams or bread-and-butter pudding. Oldenburg says that in his art he is 'concerned with perceptions of reality and composition, which is the only way art can be really useful - by setting an example of how to use the senses' (Oldenburg 1996). I strongly believe thatTA, like art, can help us communicate, think and feel in more creative, effective and efficient ways. With this concept in mind the games that I designed were aimed at all age groups from infants through to adult. Henri, sometimes I ask myself why I became a teacher. It's not that I don't enjoy my job; without a doubt, I do. I tell myself it's because I can empathise with those I meet. With many children I work with, I am reminded of my own past and I have had to keep myself safe by reminding myself that this is not about me and that with my help others can effect a significant change in attitude, thinking and behaviour. Can you remember being at school? I can recall, when I was at school, the teacher would say, 'Sit still, stop fidgeting, get on with your work', or 'Just write down what's in your head'. What she didn't know was that that was the most difficult experience, when there were so many things I wanted to block out, and the Be Strong driver made me hold it all in. How can a child be expected to conform, or just write down what's in his/her head when all he/she can think of is what is going on in his/her life - the drug or alcohol misuse; domestic violence; sexual, emotional or physical abuse; divorce; adoption; separation from parents; not knowing your parents; being a carer or a refugee; and so much more?