For almost twenty years I have been leading performance workshops for men all over the world. These workshops have been a place for men to physically explore in full-color real time their most intimate narratives, memories, dreams, and possibilities. While I have often done this work with mixed groups of straight, bisexual, and gay men, the majority of my efforts have been within the diverse gay men's communities in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. A constant focus, the base note as it were, of all this work has been a commitment to discovering a more authentic and individualized way of being present within our deeply problematized men's bodies. I have taught such workshops in contexts ranging from the Men and Masculinities conference sponsored by the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to community-based gay men's groups in cities from Sydney, Australia, to Glasgow, Scotland. These workshops have developed strong communities of men, encouraged new artists, and functioned as the springboard for several gay men's performance collectives that have kept working together for years.