Oldham’s maneuvering, combined with the Stones’ propulsive early singles in 1963, had them poised to follow the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, the Searchers, and others as the latest British beat group export stateside in early 1964. Th e early LPs-Th e Rolling Stones (London 375; 1964; #11), 12 x 5 (London 402; 1064; #3), and Th e Rolling Stones, Now! (London 420; 1965; #5)—were earthy and soulful (for white rock of that time), comprised largely of blues and R&B covers. Following several Top 20 hits, they became superstars with the release of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (London 9766; 1965; #1), which-with its proto-acid-rock riff and angry, rebellious lyrics-is still regarded by many pop historians as one of the two or three greatest rock songs ever.