One of the remarkable frontiers in contemporary depth psychotherapy is the convergence of interpersonal psychoanalysis, attachment theory, and neuroscience with intersubjective dimensions of existential psychotherapy. Although the edges of this convergence are just now being glimpsed, their yield is already quite bountiful. In the following, we will examine this yield across three diverse perspectives. Dennis Portnoy sets the context for this chapter with his timely reection, “Relatedness: Where Existential and Psychoanalytic Approaches Converge.” In this commentary, Portnoy carefully sets forth the terms of the convergence, their latest expressions, and their “living” points of synthesis in a dynamic case. Although Portnoy is prudent, he is also quite sanguine that a new era may be approaching. is is an era in which psychoanalytic emphases on mutuality and regulation can meld with existential accents on coexistence and codiscovery.