Turn your skills and talents into a marketable commodity. Promote the skills you need to get the work.

A degree in biological sciences opens the door to many careers, but you need to look at the job you are applying for and consider the range of skills and knowledge the employer is looking for. For example, if you’re applying for a role in which your science skills will simply complement your work, the employer will want to know about the other skills you have and may consider your scientifi c knowledge to be a bonus. If your science abilities are essential to the job in hand, then you will need put more emphasis on your science abilities, but also emphasise skills such as working to deadlines, time management, accuracy and lab skills. Make your CV and application as relevant as you can to the employer who will be reading it. Postgraduate students will need to be particularly adept at selling the skills and qualities you have acquired as a result of your extra qualifi cation, such as self-direction, resilience and initiative.