Conversations in Marriage © (CIM) is a community empowerment program that promotes marriage education through a series of semistructured seminars or conversations. CIM was developed to address the disturbing decline of marriage within the African American community. CIM grew out of more

Introduction 60 eoretical Orientation: African-Centered Metatheory 61 Treatment Implications: An Overview of CIM 65 Rationale for Interventions: African Proverbs 68 Our Curriculum 70 Conceptualization: Sample CIM Conversation 72 Additional Clinical Considerations 73 Authors’ Personal Dimensions of Diversity 75 erapeutic Recommendations 77 Conclusions 79 Discussion Questions 80 Cultural Resources: Suggestions for Further Reading/Sources 81 References 81

than 30 years combined experience providing counseling and psychotherapy with African American couples, families, and individuals, and is grounded in African-centered metatheory. Consistent with African-centeredness, key ethical features of various African proverbs have been used in this family intervention to provide insight into how to facilitate engagement and change. A 12-week curriculum overview is provided along with suggestions for facilitating the program.