We are now living in what for our species could be seen as ‘the middle of times’: that is, a long time after the events denoted as ‘the beginning’ when the order of the universe and the operation of the elements were established. Compared to our distance from that event, a relatively brief period of time has passed since the historic ones discussed in previous chapters. The givenness and effects of all these events taken together are part of the givenness of our lives now, with ‘the operation of the elements’, the dynamic changes in global climate, taking on an unprecedented importance. Already these changes are affecting some of us profoundly, especially as they are closely bound up with our past and present activities. Indeed we are told that the transformations we have wrought in their operation may precipitate ‘the end of times’ for our species. The givenness of human-induced changes to the climate and their effects has become a present concern as well as part of the givenness of future lives.