This chapter introduces the basic knowledge of discrete choice model analysis used in this book. Specifically, the following aspects of discrete choice model analysis are explained:

The research on these topics, which dates from the 1920s, greatly expanded in the 1970s, leading to D. McFadden and J. Heckman winning the Nobel Prize in 2000. Due to the development of computer technologies and simulation methods, innovations are still advancing in this field. Accordingly, introducing such state-of-the-art economic science to beginners is difficult, but fortunately the following excellent textbooks clearly explain discrete choice model analysis from the basics to applications:

• J.J. Louviere, D.A. Hensher, and J. Swait (2000) Stated Choice Methods, Cambridge University Press,

• K. Train (2003) Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation, Cambridge University Press,

• D.A. Hensher, J.M. Rose, and W.H. Greene (2005) Applied Choice Analysis, Cambridge University Press.