Throughout this book we have examined various aspects of the financial sector and its relationship with economic growth, development and poverty alleviation:

• First, the context for the book was set out in the form of a theoretical overview;

• Second, evidence on the nature of the relationship between financial sector development (FSD), growth and poverty reduction was assessed;

• Third, we considered issues surrounding financial liberalisation, again focusing on the linkages with growth and poverty reduction;

• Fourth, we looked in some detail at the domestic financial system, covering issues such as government finances and policy, and the development of different aspects of the financial system infrastructure;

private and official flows;

• Seventh, the relationship between external financial flows and the incidence of financial and debt crises in developing countries was considered;

• Eighth, we examined the relationship between FSD and the ‘international financial architecture’, particularly the Bretton Woods institutions, the regional development banks and GATT and the WTO; and

• Ninth, we considered issues surrounding the financing and development of the private sector – particularly SMEs – and assessed linkages between TNCs and SMEs in developing countries.