This chapter outlines how performance analysis research should be reported, with the structure of the introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion and conclusion chapters being covered. The description of qualitative methods, reporting the fi ndings of qualitative analysis and their interpretations are also covered in this chapter. Different types of research report are discussed: research papers, conference presentations, posters, research proposals and theses. All research projects are different and there will be varying practice in how research is written up depending on the audience of the report, and requirements and constraints specifi ed for the research report. The previous chapters of this book have already covered some details of how research is to be written up. For example, Chapter 4 showed how formal hypotheses are to be presented, while Chapter 6 covered the contents of the methods chapter of a dissertation. Therefore, there may be some necessary overlap between this chapter and previous ones, with the main focus of the current chapter being the reporting of the research.