Having selected and stated a research question, whether involving performance indicators or more qualitative information, the researcher needs to devise a method to allow the data to be gathered and analysed to answer the research question. Once a tried and tested method has been developed, the user will understand how long it will take to record data from a single match and hence how many matches can feasibly be included in the study. There are some investigations where the use of technology is essential for reliability. There are other investigations that do not warrant the use of computerised performance analysis systems. There may be existing systems that can be used within the study or new systems may have to be developed for the purpose of the study. This is the case whether manual or computerised methods are to be used. System development, pilot studies and reliability testing are covered in this chapter. Then the main study is considered, covering participants and matches as well as data analysis options. Once the methods are designed, the actual data gathering and analysis can be done.