Once a research topic is selected, it often has to be presented in the form of a research proposal. The research proposal can be the introduction chapter in a thesis or a proposal for future research that has been planned. In quantitative performance analysis research this requires formulating hypotheses in terms of defi ned variables. The presentation of the research problem also includes the scope of the study and any limitations that need to be acknowledged. The different forms of specifi cation of the research problem serve different purposes. In a dissertation that has been completed, the specifi cation is a statement of what the research problem was. Similarly, an original research paper published in an academic journal will specify the aim and purpose of the study being described. There are other occasions where the research proposal is produced and formally presented before any data collection and analysis takes place. Research proposals can be done at a range of levels from undergraduate student course works to experienced research professionals bidding for research funding. In many universities, the assessment of research methods can include a research proposal for the level 3 dissertation. This research proposal can be done in level 2 allowing the student to identify a research project, apply for ethical approval and allow supervision arrangements to be made.