Developing disciplines of writing An important insight into written communication is that the form must fit the purpose. When pupils learn that, for instance, a poem is a poem and not a story, for reasons that the author has previously considered, then an important breakthrough has been made. The teacher’s agenda goes beyond that of course. The purposes we have in mind also include finding ways of motivating some pupils to write. We want pupils to develop the disciplines of writing which are an integral part of the craft – the ability for sustained concentration, the active search for effective words, a willingness to review the work so that refinements can be made. Successful writing is the outcome of a network of integrated skills that only evolve when pupils are prepared to sit down regularly and apply themselves. P.G. Wodehouse once advised that the way to become a good writer was to put your backside down on a seat – every day. Regularity of practice driven by interest and challenge is the closest thing to a ‘magic formula’ that we have.