Emilia: . . . always change my mind about how I want to look

depending on what I’m wearing and that sort of thing. I wish I had

three different bodies I could change into. Sometimes it gets you

down. You get depressed about yourself in general it’s just

something you have to live with and everyone’s in the same boat. It’s

not that much of a major problem. (Budgeon 2003: 35)

Sameera: I’m constantly thinking about what people will think of me,

they must think that I’m really typical . . . even when I haven’t got a

scarf on my head but I’m like in Asian clothes I’m so paranoid. Oh

people must think typical . . . you know that I’m from the dark ages

and that . . . I know it sounds bad but that’s how I feel. (Dwyer

1999a: 12)

Michelle: It’s my confidence. I struggle to talk to new people. Most

people take one look at you, and they jus divvn’t wanna know. I

canna be bothered with that. I’d rather just stay round here –

everyone knows me, I get nee bother. (Alexander 2010: 73).