As illustrated in the preceding chapters, the monarchy under the reign of King Mohamed VI has become more flexible and confident in its powers. It stands unchallenged, as the domestic opposition remains weak and the political class incapable of renewing itself. The debacle of the USFP and the partial setback of the PJD in the 2007 legislative elections have left both parties relatively weakened. Neither the socialists nor the Islamists are in a position to press hard for any meaningful constitutional reforms. Their inability to sufficiently energize their base and expand their ranks will necessarily push both parties to look inward and reassess their strategies and goals. The case of the USFP is even more delicate given its ideological loss. As for the winner of the 2007 elections, Istiqlal, demands for constitutional reforms are not on its agenda. Despite being part of the so-called Democratic Bloc, which includes the USFP, the Istiqlal has always been loyal to the monarchy’s directives.