A number of well-established approaches to the analysis of TP feedback discourse were outlined in Chapter 2, as well as an account of studies which have employed these in various ways. The beginning of this chapter will address how corpus linguistic methodologies operate and can be used to complement the traditional approaches to the study of discourse, and not replace them. Essentially, they provide a tool which can give added dimensions to the way in which we investigate this and other types of discourse. The fi rst, and still few, published accounts of corpus-based investigations of TP feedback can be found in the period from 2002 to the present, and these will be reviewed in the next section following a brief discussion of corpus-based methodologies. At the same time the methodological tensions inherent in data collection and interpretation associated with the various approaches in this and the previous chapter will be outlined and a suggested resolution in the form of a more robust framework for this type of research will be presented. Following these theoretical discussions, a detailed account of the spoken and written corpora, research methodology, and procedures adopted in this research will fi nally be provided.