The figure of ÝAmr KhÁlid (b. 1967) is interesting not only because he is the most famous and popular of the new preachers. He has also moved Islamist culture in new directions and can in some ways be said to be a one-man movement. His early history as a preacher typifies the traits of ‘Market Islam’ (described in Chapter 3). He used to listen to the first really famous new preacher, ÝUmar ÝAbd al-KÁfÐ, in the exclusive social club NÁdÐ al-Ñayd (the Shooting Club), which is located in an affluent neighbourhood between the areas of al-MuhandisÐn and al-DuqqÐ in central Cairo. When ÝUmar ÝAbd al-KÁfÐ was forced to stop preaching after some political and religious controversy surrounding his stance towards Christians, the religiously awakened ÝAmr KhÁlid was asked by his friends to step in for him at the club. ÝAmr KhÁlid’s simple preaching, which focuses on narratives and personal bonding, coupled with his relaxed and amiable nature, soon drew great numbers of people to the little mosque inside the club. Subsequently, he was hosted by alÍuÒarÐ Islamic Foundation, which is run by a former movie star, YasmÐn al-ÍuÒarÐ, who is the daughter of one of Egypt’s most famous QurÞÁn reciters.