The species subsumed under the class 'of Wisdom are seven: quick-wittedness, speed of understanding, clarity of mind, ease of learning, excellence of intellection, retention, and recall.615 Quickwittedness obtains when, from much concern with conclusive premisses,616 the speedy production of propositions617 and the easy derivation of conclusions618 become habitual, comparable to the flashing of lightning. Speed of understanding applies when the movement from necessitating causes to consequences6111 has become habitual to the soul, so that there is no need therein for undue delay.620 Clarity of mind signifies that the soul realizes an aptitude for extracting the desired result621 without being befallen by any agitation or confusion. Ease of learning means that the soul acquires a sharpness of vision,622 so as to direct itself wholly towards the desired object without the hindrance of random thoughts. 623 Excellence of intellection obtains when, in the examination and exploration of any reality, the proper limit and quantity is observed, so that there is no neglect of the internal and no regard for the external. Retention signifies a sound hold and grasp on those forms which the intelligence or the estimation have elucidated and elicited by the faculty of reflection or imagination.624 Finally, recall applies when, by virtue of acquired habit, the conserved forms can be contemplated625 by the soul, easily and at any time it desires.