This is an ‘explanation’ type of text, giving an account of the processes involved in the water cycle, but constructed in such a way as to make the information very accessible and interesting for Key Stage 1 readers. This is achieved partly because of the illustrations that occupy half of each double-page spread. A small boy and his dog are shown taking part themselves in each stage of the cycle. Sometimes, as when, for example, the writers start the account on the beach, or when the water reaches the stage of being piped into and out of homes, the boy and his dog are seen against a background of everyday life going on around them. At other times, as they are whisked out into the deep ocean on a dolphin’s back, or sail high in the sky on a cloud, they have left the everyday world of mothers, sisters, shopping and other mundane occupations far behind them. Because it is an explanation of a process, as water is sucked from the sea only to return to it eventually as rain, it makes sense to read the book from the beginning. There is no index or contents page, encouraging readers to jump in at an intermediate point, although there is a glossary with page references.