This chapter looks at the representational history of Bombay, a city that, like Nairobi, was a product of colonial rule but whose contours evoke a different set of contestations and negotiations concerning postcolonial urbanity and gendered citizenship. If in the previous chapter I had argued that the idea of the postcolonial city was a key site of resistance and authentifi - cation of postcolonial national identity, in this chapter I examine the ways in which Bombay articulates the idea of the postcolonial city with multiple processes that range from local identitarian movements to those of globalization in the contemporary moment. In doing so, I elaborate on the ways in which the postcolonial city can be understood as a specifi c conjuncture of the present. As throughout this book, my interest in this chapter is in locating a postcolonial feminist project of citizenship within the postcolonial city as conjuncture.