Moving from experience to performance Chapter 1 describes the spectrum of drama in primary schools from experiential approaches that help children develop their personal thinking and understanding through to pure theatrical performance that is produced for the benefit of an audience. Much of what has been described in this book has been geared towards the former end of that spectrum. However, there will be times when you will need to provide children with opportunities to present their work in a more polished format: for example an assembly for parents and carers, a Christmas pantomime or an endof-year production. This chapter provides more specialist information about the practicalities of theatrical performance. The benefits of this side of educational drama

This chapter aims to provide you with a basic knowledge of the more technical aspects of theatre in performance. It discusses:

  moving from experience to performance

  the place of theatre arts in the primary curriculum

  expressive arts in the primary school

  cross-curricular creativity

  theatre skills and crafts

  working with theatre professionals

  developing critical responses

  a glossary of theatrical terms for children

  resources and professional development to support your teaching.