This guide for research in ethnomusicology directs users to resources for fi nding information in music and related fi elds, and provides annotated lists of selected current publications. Research in ethnomusicology shares ideas and methods with many academic disciplines, and embraces activities that are equally at home inside and outside of the academy. Ethnomusicologists are scholars, educators, performers, community advocates, fi lmmakers, museum curators, and media archivists. Research materials for their twenty-fi rst century productions include articles and books, websites and blogs, video clips and documentary fi lms, audio recordings, and fi eld documentation published with commercial recordings and preserved in archives. Scholars and teachers in ethnomusicology demonstrate in their works and classrooms the importance of creating and maintaining seamless relationships between written and media sources, and some are equally focused on identifi cation with both academic and public sector worlds. In-depth guides for research in ethnomusicology, therefore, need to refl ect ethnomusicologists’ multifaceted landscapes and the creative roles they play in a discipline that continues to evolve.