In the current academic landscape, where transmission of information occurs in new and ever-expanding networks, journals continue to play a signifi cant role in information exchange. While data can now be accessed and published more quickly, this will undoubtedly continue to change the face of information sharing. In ethnomusicology, as in all scholarly disciplines, journals provide the primary periodical literature for students and scholars, and the literature plays a role in defi ning the discipline. For ethnomusicology, some of the most infl uential titles include Ethnomusicology (journal for the Society of Ethnomusicology), Asian Music (journal of the Society for Asian Music), Latin American Music Review/ Revista de Musica Latino American, The World of Music , the Yearbook for Traditional Music (journal of the International Council for Traditional Music), and Ethnomusicology Forum (journal for the British Forum for Ethnomusicology). In addition, there are many other journals that consistently provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas that impact or are impacted by ethnomusicology.