The need for organisation is a need experienced in all economic systems and business structures:

It is not true that under competition labour is hired by capital; it is hired by business ability in command of capital: and it is not true that in co-operation capital is hired by labour; it may be hired by the business ability that lives in the heads that the working men have on their shoulders; but, if they have not much business ability, they will not get much capital , either of their own or of anyone else's; and, if they get it, they will not keep it long: and it all comes back to that. 3

It is a need which if not properly satisfied will stunt economic and social development: 'A score of Tatas might do more for India than any Government, British or Indigenous, can accomplish . The dark spots of western Europe are not agricultural. They are the homes of those manufactures which are divorced from initiative." The nature and supply of organisers is clearly an important topic in the economics of Alfred Marshall.