Plan and create a Prepare a presentation for a specific audience, e.g. information about a residential hyperlinked trip to show to parents. Each year group could report on the trip they made to explain presentation that the benefits to parents of the next class to go. uses multiple stacks of This could be done with small groups of pupils working on each stack of screens, slides, hyperlinked in which they then link to the main title screen. a simple organisation As this is a more complex way to link the slides, it is best to create a paper-based map

at the planning stage to check each link as it is made. If working in PowerPoint, the slideshow should be turned to kiosk mode in the ‘Set up show’ menu, to avoid the user accidentally clicking at random on a page, as the default setting then sends the reader to the next page. This would be a useful technique to compile a class anthology of poems, either written by the children or chosen by them from those that can be found online.