There are many inspirational texts in European languages available now which are simple enough for primary schools to use and which lend themselves to being turned into a short play. This could be used as the final outcome of a term’s work.This project will take you through the stages which will help you to adapt a story to suit your class.An example of a projectwhichwas developed along these lines isTheThree Little Pigs (see Project 3 in this Part).

First choose a suitable text for the year group you teach. It is impossible to match the chronological age of your students with the equivalent text level in a foreign language at this stage of learning. Instead, look for a lively story which may be originally designed for a younger audience but makes up for this with humour, action or colour. Most students enjoy meeting a familiar text which they read in English a few years earlier, and now feel that they are one step ahead with understanding it in another language. It is particularly a bonus for students with special needs,who may have come across the story more recently and therefore feel at home with it.