What is this adhya¯sa (superimposition)? This is being said-(superimposition is) an appearance like memory of what was seen before in something else. Some call it the superimposition of the properties of one thing on a quite different thing. Some others consider it to be an erroneous superimposition due to nonapprehension of the distinction (between two things). Others hold that when one thing (x) is superimposed upon another (y), x will have properties opposed to those of y. From every point of view, however, that (in superimposition) one thing appears as having the properties of another is not contradicted. Thus, ordinarily there is the experience: a shell appears as silver, one moon appears as two. Everywhere, there is no contradiction of one thing’s appearing as having properties of another. These people ordinarily experience: a shell appears as (if it is) a silver, one moon appears as if it has a second.