Patrick Casement’s 1982 paper, “Some Pressures on the Analyst for Physical Contact During the Re-living of an Early Trauma,” is one of the more frequently cited papers in analytic literature when it comes to discussions of the abstinence principle and physical contact between patient and analyst. In my 1998 paper, I discussed the vignette presented in his paper from the standpoint of what I saw as its enacted dimension. Subsequently, this treatment case became the focus of a 2000 issue of Psychoanalytic Inquiry devoted to the issue of touch. In the course of his discussion of the contributions made by the eight discussants of his original paper, Casement supplied additional details about the case. The new information revealed a second level of enacted process beneath the one I had originally discussed. In this chapter I will present both my original discussion of this treatment’s enacted dimension, as well as the second level of enacted process that lay beneath it.