The main theme of this book is an exploration of well-known trade mark protection and, subsequently, the conceptualisation of well-known trade mark protection. Such an exploration contains two different limbs. The first is to look at well-known trade mark protection conceptually by exploring the conceptually comprehensive definition of well-known trade mark. The second is to examine the efficacy and credibility of well-known trade mark protection against ‘dilution’ in the EU and Japan. This introductory chapter is divided into three parts. The first part provides

essential background information to trade marks and well-known trade mark protection – that is, how trade marks and well-known trade marks are statutorily protected, and what the rationale for the protection is – followed by a brief introduction to the ‘well-known trade mark’. The second part looks at the dilution doctrine, outlining the development of

the principle in the United States, the EU and Japan. The third part deals with other matters such as structure and terminology.