Where can we expect the ecology to nourish? Think of your favourite places where you feel free to explore ideas through learning and adapting and where change comes easiest. At the most basic level, you will be free of want and the other constraints identified by Maslow. You will feel free of fear, censorship and disapproval. You will be in a group or community where new ideas are welcome not only in formal ‘let’s-have-an-idea-now’ sessions but at all times. There will be a sense that the purpose of the group is not to live off other people’s ideas but to explore one’s own ideas; to give, not just to receive. Instruction will be replaced by dialogue in which listening is as respected and enjoyable as speaking. Since it is impossible to anticipate a new idea or the appropriate group 72to develop it, you will have access to many different groups and the ability to form an indefinitely large number of new ones.