The typical distortion of history and values by Arab and so-called Palestinian spokesmen and society was, unfortunately, assisted by anti-Zionist Jews. They conducted a propaganda campaign of their own suffused with their hatred for Israel. Our Jewish anti-Zionists assert that Israel belongs to the Arab Palestinians, unequivocally and totally, and they deny any need for evidence or proof of any kind. Whoever asserts that there was a Palestinian entity at some time in the past should ask him or herself: What was the religion of that entity, what language was spoken there, where were its borders, where were its capital city and its other main urban centers? Did the period of the Palestinian state overlap with known historical periods and with known nations or empires? Are there any archaeological findings from the Palestinian state? Who were its leaders? In regard to the claim that the Palestinian nation was settled and prosperous, and lived with a sense of pride—how did it happen that no one in the Middle East knew about it or related it? The so-called Palestinian state is a virtual reality created ex nihilo by the Arab nations as part of their plans for destroying Israel. That fictional nation was identified only after Israel’s victories of 1948 and 1967.