This chapter examines the principles of planning arts events by combining the viewpoints of both arts and event management. An arts event may be staged as a one-time special event or may occur regularly, such as on an annual basis. This chapter discusses the case study of the Zest Festival, which is a five-year planned cycle of annual festivities in Kalbarri, Australia. This small town is located in mid-western Australia, about 600 km north of Perth, bordered by the Kalbarri National Park on three sides and the ocean and rivers on the other. The festival is planned by a committee made up of ten community members, working as part of the Kalbarri Development Association (KDA). The chapter presents the case study of Kabosh Theatre Company, which is the only theatre company in the north of Ireland designing and implementing site-specific theatrical events. Purpose of Kabosh is to tell stories using local histories and a number of media to animate space.