D r. Carl began working with this family in bits and pieces two years ear-lier. He had done extensive individual and marital therapy with the par-ents. Dr. Owen is a consultant, who has seen the family periodically with Dr. Carl. Father, Mark (age 47), is a Vietnam veteran who was wounded in combat. He received treatment for marijuana addiction and post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) in Veterans Administration facilities. Mother, Judy is age 43. In the past 6 months she has been a defiant parent. She is a weekly regular at a local bar, she had a one-night-stand with a professional athlete, and she had a brief affair with a man who lived with her and the children for 2 weeks. The parents were separated when Mark was away in Boston for 5 months of treatment for PSTD. There are five children: three boys, Greg (age 19), Chris (age 16), and Doug (age 15) and two girls: Missy (age ll), and Kelly (age 4). All three boys are on probation. Greg spent the last year living with mother's sister Mary and did well. Greg's girlfriend, Jenn, also attends the session. Dr. Carl is the therapist and sees the family regularly. This interview is a combination of a therapy interview and a consultation interview.