It is the case that cold, rejecting parents have often been found along with the occurrence of delinquent behavior in their children (Eron, 1982; Fagan, Langner, Gersten, & Eisenberg, 1977; Glueck &Glueck, 1972; McCord, 1979). One of the hypotheses examined in this report is that parental rejection covaries with a wide spectrum of problem behaviors in children. As a general case, it is assumed that parent rejection covaries with deviant child behaviors of all kinds; the more extreme the deviancy, the greater the likelihood of the rejection. The primary hypothesis examined here is that parental rejection is a product, not a determinant, for deviant child behavior. In effect, it is assumed that parental rejection accompanies, or is produced by the deviant behavior or some aspects of the process that produced that deviant behavior, or both.