At each moment at which you are aware and alert you are conscious of a wide range of things through your sensory modalities, your inner bodily senses and your cognitive streams. Imagine that you are sitting in a garden on a sunny day. You are visually aware of trees, bushes, grass, water fountains and insects. You are auditorily aware of the sounds of the bees, the voices from your next door neighbors and your tummy that is growling. As you sip your ice tea you can taste the citrus and the coarsegrained tannins while the strawberries on the table and the roses fill your nostrils with a sweet scent. Through the sense of touch you feel your shoes, clothes and the chair you are sitting on. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and a slight itch on the inside of your pinky toe. You feel relaxed and content until you remember that your term paper is due tomorrow. Then you start to worry.