This book is directed at questions of creative geographies, and specifi cally at points of over-lap and spaces of co-operation between geography and art. It is “for” these creative geographies by virtue of two reasons. Firstly, and simply, because it is a celebration of the growing richness and diversity of relations between geography and the visual arts. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, because the text builds an argument around these shared concerns, exploring how, and with what import, creative geographies can and do proceed. At a time when there seems to be increasingly common conceptual ground and a growing set of shared practices between geographers and artists and art theorists, it seems important to temporarily press pause on the continued proliferation of these engagements in order to extend and deepen refl ection on productive diff erences as well as shared areas of enquiry, and common themes and practices. As these exchanges accelerate, multiplying the artistic mediums and themes geographers engage, as well as developing exciting disciplinary moves towards creative practice-based research, it seems imperative to begin the work of considering how, and to what ends, these geography-art interrelations have been, are being, and could be negotiated and built.