At least for th e last month I am not attacking you on that basis. (8) I can't get out of my system how angry I am at them. Good! That's what I want you to recognize, that this is a ll connected up with ~er. You are furious. And I do want to sort of sidestep my being invo lved in it ((laugh)). I will not betray you but I think you are furious that once again you've been betrayed. (2) And you tried to do your best and they didn't use you we ll. Indeed they misused you. [They seem to be promoting] dullards and (.) j e rks [And somebody else decided.] and overlooking your assets. Does this all sound like you know the the the synopsis of what went on in your house? (7) Pocr communication. Heaps of blaming. Not recognizing what you could do. Taking for granted what you did. And giving lots and lots of attention to people who didn't deserve it. Or who manipulated with th em, played games with them. And it makes you so angry that you get-I think I think you hurt yourself is what I think happens when you get angry. ((sniff)) (5) Maybe to save them? (1) See, that 's esse ntially what depression is: is it's hurting oneself to spare others, taking it in, le tting it eat you, corrode you from the inside out so that you can still be nice to others out there in the world. They won ' t hurt to be. You will not visit your grief on them. Well, I think you try so hard to do that. When it comes out here now, so we're getting somewhere.