Halfway through Specters of Marx, Derrida links the concept of production to that of trauma and speaks of “the spectral spiritualization that is at work in any tekhne” (1994, p. 97). He immediately connects this assertion to Freud’s remarks concerning the three traumas inflicted on the narcissism of the decentered man: the psychological trauma derived from the psychoanalytic discovery of the unconscious, the biological trauma resulting from the Darwinian findings about human descent, and the cosmological trauma proceeding from the Copernican revolution. To this Derrida adds the decentering effects coming from Marxism, which, according to him, accumulate and put together the other three:

The century of “Marxism” will have been that of the techno-scientific and effective decentering of the earth, of geopolitics, of the anthropos in its ontotheological identity or its genetic properties, of the ego cogito-and of the very concept of narcissism whose aporias are, let us say in order to go too quickly and save ourselves a lot of references, the explicit theme of deconstruction.