This raises two very important areas of questioning surrounding the whole notion of appraisal. The first area is related to expectations. Who expects what and from whom? People are increasingly expected to do the right thing, first time, every time, in their job. Appraisal may, therefore, be viewed as a means of assessing how far such expectations are being met. This in turn raises the question of teacher competencies, and performance related pay rears its uncomfortable head. While the unions appear to have reassured their members, most LEAs insert the proviso in their appraisal documentation that, 'there will be no automatic link between appraisal and promotion or additions to salary' but add that they feel it is both 'legitimate and desirable for headteachers to take into account information from appraisal, in advising governors on decisions on promotions and pay'. This statement is specifically made as Appraisal Regulation 14 of Circular 12/91.