All the staff of Haydon Bridge High School, Northumberland, with particular reference to David Thompson, Barbara Mansfield, Ruth Hudspith, Lynne West and Keith Rowesby; David Watson, Allendale Middle School, Northumberland; John Lambert, Allendale First School, Northumberland; Gordon Wellans, Inglewood Junior School, Cumbria; all the staff at William Howard School, Cumbria, with particular reference to Roger Alston, Janet Simpson and Pam Butler; staff at Trinity School, Cumbria, including Terry Dyer; all the staff at Kenton School, Newcastle, with particular reference to Jenny Robinson; staff at the Newman School, Cumbria, with particular reference to Gerald Richardson; Jo Brereton of Primary Focus for the DTP work; Sally Brown of the University of Northumbria; Clive Pepper, Phil W hitehead, Chris Marsh and other colleagues in Buckinghamshire schools; Joanne Smith of Cherry Tree School, Bolton and all the hundreds of teachers and headteachers who have freely given their advice, information and time; Duncan Graham and Alan Evans for inspiration! And finally, Jo and Roger on dinner duty - without their sustenance none of this would have happened!