Whereas the find ings so far discussed have focused on norm at ive patterns of beha vior as they are linked to the situ ational prop er ties of the sequence of epis­ odes, the find ings we now report focus on patterns of indi vidual differ ences in beha vior-patterns that occur commonly enough to be recog niz able when they recur. The norm at ive find ings presen ted in the previ ous two sections depict certain features of the species­ char ac ter istic organ iz a tion of attach ment beha vior in the human 1­year­ old and its inter play with other beha vi oral systems. We consider that the norm at ive find ings substan tially support Bowlby’s (1969, 1973) descrip tions of the organ iz a tion and func tion of infant attach ment beha vior.