This chapter examines Whilst countryside service budgets, which are mostly quite small, several case study County Councils in the 2005 review had budgets of 2-3 million. The main peg on which to hang countryside management appeared to be in terms of sustainable development and Local Agenda 21. Participants in the 2005-2006 surveys were asked about the main future opportunities for countryside management. There are various ways and models for delivering countryside services and, in times of economic constraints, it becomes more pressing to consider alternatives. Local authority officers involved in biodiversity issues and in countryside management felt that Scottish Natural Heritage was not able to support their work effectively. Overall, these are challenging times for countryside management and for associated services such as delivery of biodiversity targets. Rangers and warden-type posts make up the bulk of teams, Thus the results show most countryside services reduced staff levels since 2010 and, generally, these cuts were due directly to economic austerity measures.