APPARATUS for sense-training is found in all classrooms for children of 5 or under, but where full activity is the rule it will be in the form of materials likely to be needed for the children's games. Let us consider colour-work first. Here on the wall is a patch of dark material into which are fixed thick needles threaded with gaily coloured wools. Underneath is the tray of odds and ends of material of all sorts and colours. 'I shall make Betty Blue a new frock,' remarks Florrie, She chooses a blue velvet and a needle threaded with orange wool. As the teacher comes to talk with her about her occupation, the conversation is all to do with colours. 'My favourite colour is blue,' says Florrie. 'My gran says it's blue for hope and red for danger; and it's black for funerals, isn't it?' Joan, nearby, adds, 'My mother says it's blue for bleauty' (meaning beauty). 'What's your favourite colour?' asked Harold of a student; 'Green,' came the answer. 'Well, I want paint for my lemonade shop, so I shall have to have white, not green.'