In Chapter 2, we have used biology to understand the role of culture as the survival strategy for human species. In the evolutionary sense, if culture is the strategy to survive, then it could be said that there is only one culture—a dynamic human function that we create and which in turn creates us. But its product is an incredible tapestry of diversity in all aspects: Cognitive, physical, material, spiritual, conscious, and subconscious. A simple comparison between any two cultures will attest this observation. Let’s also not forget that we (sub)consciously create many local cultures and ingroups to recognize whom we can trust. Human’s capacity for culture (in the evolutionary sense) has produced a myriad of particular sets of values and behaviors (in the practical sense). In short, culture produces cultures. 1 The former is an evolutionary mechanism, the latter is the reality we witness every day. The former has been discussed in the previous chapter. It will now be combined with the latter to be the focus in this chapter.