S creaming angrily, Barbara bursts into my office. Taking large strides, she brushes by me, throws her arms upward at a steep diagonal, and lets them fall to slap her sides as she shouts and paces the room. She continues for several minutes, and then, still shouting intermittently, she settles on the edge of a chair. Nancy, i n sharp contrast, enters w i t h careful and precise steps. She speaks quietly as she sets her bag neatly by her chair, pauses, and pulls her close-fitting skirt under her. She sits w i t h her arms held tightly against her body, her knees pul led together. A l l her movements occur w i t h i n a narrow space around her body, and they are precise, always as if she is carefully arranging a curl . L e o n walks as if his feet were pressing through a substance that resists and then yields to his step. H i s body is contained i n a narrow space as he steps toward the chair, but then he sprawls i n it, his arms opened wide over the chair arms, legs spread, feet turned o n edge, ankles on the floor. A n d Bob walks i n quickly but awkwardly, c lutching and still reading papers he's been looking over i n the wai t ing room, whi le he barely keeps h o l d of his open briefcase. H e sits at the edge of the couch, speaks for a minute or two about the work he is immersed i n as he puts the briefcase away, and then lounges o n the couch or lies d o w n .