This guide is concerned with the law of copyright in the United Kingdom. The law of copyright in the UK is contained in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) ('the 1988 Act'), copies of which may be obtained from HMSO. Those regularly involved with copyright may find a copy of the 1988 Act helpful. It should be noted however that, in addition to the 1988 Act:-

(a) rules and regulations made under the 1988 Act are contained in a series of statutory instruments, of which a number are relevant to museums and galleries, such as the Copyright (Libraries and Archivists) (Copying of Copyright Material) Regulations 1989 [S1 1989 No. 1212]; and

(b) as provided in Schedule 1 of the 1988 Act, some provisions of the Copyright Act 1956 and even of the Copyright Act 1911 continue to have effect in relation to older works.