For the marketer, this relatively new phenomena – the ability of the shopper/buyer to access at will a plethora of online sources of information and to send and receive communications 24/7 – means a sea change in response from just answering enquiries (through call centres?). Accept that the technology may be mind-boggling (so just get someone else to do it) and realise that this is now – and that’s how people communicate, but (and believe it) the need for marketing messages and promotions is at least just the same or greater. So support and assist the shopper/buyers as they seek information, comment or endorsements (this two-way communication is what is different); provide this, but go further: offer solutions through content and point them to your website, encourage them to share – through promotions – and reward those with questions when your team replies and/or do the same for those who respond with data (e-mail address or mobile phone number). Provide a bounce back with a promotion too. Case study 30 gives a good idea of what is possible.