In this chapter we will discuss positions in counseling and school psychology. These positions are obtainable with a BA in child and adolescent development as a foundation, but completing additional education is needed. In other words, you have to continue your education beyond the BA to a MA, and EdS (Educational Specialist), a PhD or other doctorate. Additionally, you will need a license in some states, such as California. Within the field of counseling, there are different types of counselors. In this chapter we will discuss school counselors; marriage, family, and child counselors (MFCCs) and marriage and family therapists (MFT); and career counselors. This chapter will also discuss school psychologists, who play a different role and have different training than school counselors. School psychologists usually assess children’s developmental levels, behavioral functioning, and abilities with psychological tests. School counselors interact with children more on a daily basis and perform a different set of duties.