Good men and woymen, as 3e kneweth well, þe morow aftyr All-halow-day ys euermor Sowlemasse-day, þat ben yn purgatory yn Goddys pryson and haue gret nede to be holpon. Wherfor as 4 holy chyrehe þys day worsehepyth all þe seyntes of Heuen generaly yfere, hopyng to be holpen by hom, ryght soo, on Sowlemasse-day, holy chyrch makyth mynd, and syngyth, and redythe generaly for all þe sowles þat ben yn purgatory, havyng full beleue forto relesch 8 hom of hor payne, othyr yn parte, othyr yn all. Wherfor ych crysten man and woman schall as þys day helpe þe sowles þat ben yn payne, for soo þay mown and þay woll; for þe lest prayer þat ys made for hom dothe hom ese. So þagh a man say but þus : 12 ‘God haue mercy on all crysten sowles !’ so þat 2 he þat sayth þus, be yn charyte and out of dedly synne. Then schull 3e know wele þat þre fynges helpen soules most out of penance, þat ys: devot prayng, almes-3euyng, and masse-syngyng. 16