Good men and woymen, suche a day 3e schull haue Seynt 16 Michaeles day, Goddys holy archangyll. Þe whech day 3e schull comme to chyrch and worschyp God and þys holy archangyll. Then sehull 3e know þat holy chyrche þat day makyþe mencyon of all Goddys holy angels for þe gret helpe and seruice þat mankynd 20 hape of hom. But specyale he makeþe mynde of Saynt Mychaell 147 a for þe prerogatyues þat he haþe before || all oþer; for he ys wondurfull yn aperyng, he ys mervelous yn myracles worchyng, and victoryus yn his feghtyng. 24